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Question: Why will CM/ECF Utilities menu occasionally fail to show the correct menu options?
Answer: Instead of getting information from the Court's server, your computer may be trying to load the page using it's temporary memory, known as cache.

To clear your cache or temporary internet files follow your browser specific instructions below. This can be followed regardless of the webpage you are currently viewing.

In Internet Explorer:

Go to Tools...Internet Options
Click Delete Files, (Temporary Internet Files)
click OK, and OK again.

In Netscape 7.x:

Go to Edit...Preferences.
Double click on Advanced.
Click on Cache
Click Clear Cache, click OK

In Netscape 8 or Firefox:

Go to Tools... Options
|Click on Privacy
To the right of "cache" click the Clear button
Click OK, and OK again.

A simpler method when on the CMECF "Utilities" screen is to right click in the white area within the window. Then if using Internet Explorer, select "Refresh" from the menu that pops-up, or if using Netscape, select "This Frame", then "Reload Frame".

If you continue to have problems, you may call our ECF Helpdesk at (504)589-7788 or tollfree (866)209-7767.