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COVID-19 General Order 21-4: Continuing Jury Trials

Release Date: 
Monday, April 5, 2021

Considering COVID has limited the court’s physical capacity to accommodate jury trials and because the court has a large backlog of cases set for jury trial, the court has adopted the following criteria for determining which trials will proceed first:  

1.    Criminal trials will be selected ahead of  civil;
2.    Then lower-numbered criminal cases involving detained defendants ahead of higher;
3.    Then lower-numbered criminal cases not involving detained defendants ahead of higher;
4.    Then lower-numbered civil cases;
5.    Except when extraordinary circumstances require that a case be scheduled for a higher priority, to be worked out between and among the affected judges.  

The COVID -19 restrictions and precautions we have implemented will limit the space available to accommodate jury trials so we will be unable to conduct more than 2 or 3 trials at a time.

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