CM/ECF NextGen Information

Planned Go-Live Date November 12, 2019

The Federal Judiciary has developed a Next Generation (NextGen) Case Management/ Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) system that will allow attorneys to use the same account for both PACER and electronic filing access.

Once this court implements NextGen on November 12, 2019, an e-filer will be required to use his or her own individual PACER login and password for access to the electronic filing system.

Preparing for NextGen

Prior to November 12, 2019, e-filers must do the following:

  1. Obtain your own individual PACER account or upgrade your existing individual PACER account (see video for instructions).

  2. Know your current CM/ECF Login and Password. If you have lost or forgotten your current CM/ECF password, use this link. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I have an upgraded PACER account?
    Upgraded PACER accounts have usernames that are at least 8 characters. If your username is 6 characters, you do not have an upgraded account. Go to and click on Manage My Account to upgrade your PACER account. If your individual account has at least 8 characters and it was created on or after August 11, 2014, it is already an upgraded PACER account.

  • What happens to my CM/ECF account after the court transitions to NextGen?
    After the court upgrades to NextGen, you will link your current CM/ECF account to your PACER account. After the accounts are linked you will no longer use your CM/ECF username or password.

  • My law firm uses a shared PACER account. Can we continue to use that account?
    Each attorney must have an individual PACER account for electronic filing in NextGen. The law firm can create a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to manage the billing for all of the individual accounts. Staff members who share a PACER account only for research can continue to share.

  • I linked my account when the Court of Appeals converted. Do I have to link my account again?
    Yes, you will have to link your PACER account to your District Court CM/ECF account before you can file in District Court on or after November 12, 2019.

  • I am a CJA attorney and I currently have two PACER accounts. Will I continue to need two accounts with NextGen?
    CJA Attorneys will only need one PACER account for filing and viewing in CM/ECF NextGen. If you have a separate exempt CJA account now, those exempt privileges will be added to your individual upgraded PACER account and your current exempt account will be canceled.


For assistance with creating a PACER account, please contact PACER at 1-800-676-6856 or visit the PACER website at For assistance with your current CM/ECF login and password, contact the court at 1-504-589-7674 (Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time) or at