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Fee Schedule

Filing a Civil Action or Notice of Removal $402.00
Filing a Civil Action or Notice of Removal for persons granted in forma pauperis status $350.00
Filing a writ of habeas corpus $5.00
Filing a notice of appeal $505.00
Cuban Liberation Civil Filing Fee $6800.00
Filing an appeal to a district judge from a judgment of conviction by a magistrate judge in a misdemeanor case $39.00
Filing or indexing any paper not in a case or proceeding for which a case filing fee has been paid $49.00
Issuance of an Apostille $47.00
Misdemeanor/CVB Processing Fee $30.00
Registration of judgment from another district $49.00
Certification of any document $11.00
Exemplification of any document $23.00
Record Search (per name or item searched) $32.00
Photocopying, per page $0.50
Reproduction of recording of proceedings, regardless of the medium $32.00

Retrieval of record from a Federal Records Center

  • for one box
  • for each additional box
  • for electronic retrieval (ie SmartScan)
    • Judiciary fee
    • FRC pull fee
    • FRC per page fee




Any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53.00
Power of Attorney $49.00
Admission of attorney to practice $188.00
Admission to practice pro hac vice, per attorney $100.00
Duplicate certificate of admission $20.00
Certificate of Good Standing $20.00
Each microfiche sheet of film or microfilm jacket copy of any court record $6.00
Electronic copy of records not stored in CM/ECF $32.00