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Parking for Jury Duty

  • You may park in any of the commercial lots or garages near the courthouse. Take note of the “all day” parking rate so you can fill out a parking voucher when you arrive for jury service. You should be prepared to pay for your parking on the day(s) you report; parking fees in the area range from $10 to $30 per day. Your parking expenses will be reimbursed along with your attendance fee and mileage (see PAYMENT).
  • We suggest you park as close to the courthouse as possible. Try to avoid parking in a lot where you must leave your car keys with an attendant.
  • Allow extra time to find a parking spot, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Parking near the courthouse can sometimes be scarce. The earlier you report, the easier it will be to find parking.

DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET OR AT A METER. You will not be able to leave the court to tend the parking meter, nor can the court reimburse you for towing fees, boot removal or parking violations.