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eJuror Help

  • Why does eJuror say my participant number or birthday are wrong?

    The most common reason for this response is because you have accidentally tried to log into another court's eJuror site. Make sure you are at the Eastern District of Louisiana's site.

  • What do I do if the eJuror site locked me out?

    Close your browser window completely and wait twenty minutes before attempting again. Make sure you are at the Eastern District of Louisiana’s site. After twenty minutes it should work again.

  • If I fill out my qualification questionnaire or summons information online, do I have to mail the paper copy?

    No. However, save the prepaid envelope in case you need to mail additional documentation requested by the court.

  • If I requested an excuse or deferral on eJuror, is it automatically granted?

    No. Most requests for excuse or deferral of service require additional documentation to be sent in support of your request. A clerk will review your request and will contact you. If you have not heard from the court within ten days of submitting the request, we recommend you contact the Jury Section to make sure we received it.

  • Why was my request over eJuror for excuse or deferral denied?

    Frequently, the reason your request was denied was simply that we need additional supporting documents that could not be submitted over eJuror. Please contact the Jury Section and speak with a clerk regarding the status of your request if you receive a denial notice soon after completing your request over eJuror.