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Pro Hac Vice

In accordance with local civil rule LR83.2.5, any member in good standing of the bar of any court of the United States or of the highest court of any state and who is ineligible to become a member of the bar of this court, may, upon written motion of counsel of record who is a member of the bar of this court, by ex parte order, be permitted to appear and participate as co-counsel in a particular case.


The motion must have attached to it a certificate by the presiding judge or clerk of the highest court of the state, or court of the United States, where he or she has been so admitted to practice, showing that the applicant attorney has been so admitted in such court, and that he or she is in good standing therein. (See Fee Schedule).


This motion must also have attached to it a completed EDLA Consent to Electronic Filing form.


Additionally, attorneys must have an in individual PACER account and must request e-filing privileges through PACER in conjunction with the request to appear pro hac vice.


The applicant attorney shall state under oath whether any disciplinary proceedings or criminal charges have been instituted against him or her, and if so, shall disclose full information about the proceeding or charges and the results thereof.


An attorney thus permitted to appear may participate in a particular action or proceeding in all respects, except that all documents filed with the court also require the signature of local counsel with whom the attorney is associated.


Local counsel shall be responsible to the court at all stages of the proceedings.


Pursuant to Local Rule 83.2.7, everyone who appears in court in proper person and every attorney permitted to practice in this court must be familiar with the Local Rules. Willful failure to comply with the rules, or a false certificate of compliance, is cause for disciplinary action.