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General Instructions for Reporting to Jury Service

  • You will be reporting to the Jury Section (room C107) on the first floor of the court. The Jury Section is the last door on the left at the end of the hallway.
  • It is important that you report on time. If you arrive too late to participate in the jury selection process, you may be released without compensation. Should circumstances arise which will delay you or prevent you from reporting, call the jury section as soon as possible at the telephone number on the bottom of your “Notice to Appear.”
  • Plan on being at the courthouse the entire day and park accordingly. (See Parking for Jury)
  • Wear appropriate clothing which is neat, presentable and respectful toward the court and your fellow jurors. “Business casual” attire is recommended. Shorts, tank or halter tops and flip-flop sandals are not considered appropriate attire.
  • Since our courtrooms are often quite cool, consider bringing a sweater, light jacket or wrap with you.
  • Coffee, soft drinks and bottled water are provided in the jury assembly room. A coin-operated snack machine is also available. Although there is no cafeteria in the court building, there are several restaurants nearby. Should you have specific dietary needs, feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks.
  • Cameras and recording devices are not allowed in our courtrooms. You may bring your cell phone, but it must be turned off when you enter a courtroom.
  • You may bring reading material with you for your use in the jury assembly area.
  • The court provides free public Wi-Fi in the jury assembly area.