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Current Courthouse

Historic Federal Courthouses in New Orleans

Hale Boggs Federal Building-Courthouse

Architects: Mathes Bergman & Associates, Inc. and August Perez & Associates, Inc.

Completed in 1976.

Located in the Lafayette Square Historic District of the CBD, an area of renovated offices, hotels, restaurants, commercial businesses and urban apartments/condominiums coupled with older warehouse and manufacturing properties. Congressman Hale Boggs and Congressman F. Edward Hebert worked together to develop the Lafayette Square area of downtown New Orleans and form a concentration of Federally owned buildings facing the historic park. In addition to the Boggs Federal Building and Courthouse, there is the Hebert Federal Building and the Wisdom Court of Appeals.

In 2003, the two buildings were redesigned to share a common 1st floor. The basement provides secured parking spaces.

Source: General Services Administration, New Orleans

More photos pre and during construction

Courthouse dedication in 1976