Hurricane Ida Case Information

Orders of Appointment for Neutrals and for Program Administrator in Hurricane Ida Cases

Pursuant to Case Management Order No. 1, In re Hurricane Ida Claims, the Court hereby appoints Mediation Support Services, L.L.C. as Program Administrator for the Court’s Streamlined Settlement Program. The Court also appoints 30 individuals as neutrals for the Program. For more information, please see the orders below.

View this PDF – Neutrals List
View this PDF – Program Administrator Appointment


Hurricane Ida Case Management Order No. 1

The Court hereby approves the Hurricane Ida Case Management Order (“CMO”) No. 1. The CMO outlines procedures for expedited discovery (the “Disaster Protocols”) and establishes a streamlined settlement conference and mediation protocol to facilitate efficient resolution of these matters. The mediation program, called the Streamlined Settlement Program, will include a panel of neutrals and a Program Administrator. The Magistrate Judges shall oversee the Streamlined Settlement Program, with Chief Magistrate Judge Michael North presiding over day-to-day operations. This will include the selection of the neutrals and the Program Administrator. Please see the complete order for further details.

View this PDF (Case Management Order)

View this PDF (Interim Protective Order)