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New Fee Schedule

Release Date: 
Monday, January 29, 2001


A revised schedule of fees for the United States District Court (attached) becomes effective February 1, 2001.  The changes outlined in the new fee schedule resulted from the President signing the Federal Courts Improvement Act of 2000 which includes provisions that affect the fee schedules for appelate, district, and bankruptcy courts.

Listed below are the new fees.


Miscellaneous Filing Fee from $20 to $30
Record Search from $15 to $20
Certification of Any Document from $5 to $7
Exemplification Certificate from $10 to $14
Magnetic Tape Recording from $15 to $20
Microfiche Sheet of Film from $3 to $4
NSF Check from $25 to $35


The $150 fee to file a new civil action and the $105 fee to file a notice of appeal in a civil or criminal case remain the same.


January 29, 2001

Loretta G. Whyte, Clerk


Attachment:  District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule