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New Pricing Cap for Viewing a Document or Docket Sheet Using WebPacer

Release Date: 
Sunday, July 21, 2002



Effective immediately, the Judicial Conference has approved a cap on the seven cents per page charge for electronic public access to court documents. The new cap for viewing documents from the Internet through WebPacer is now limited to $2.10, the equivalent of 30 pages, for any single document. This change will be reflected in the actual billing and not necessarily in the online displayed cost.   The price cap does not apply to docket sheets.

The public is welcome to come to the court to view the information at no cost. However, printed copies are still 10¢ per page. Please note that there is an additional charge for certified copies.  For additional information about the imaged document cap, see


June 14, 2002

Loretta G. Whyte, Clerk