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Clerk's Office Phone Directory

United States District Court
Eastern District of Louisiana
500 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA  70130


Also see Judges Directory and Magistrate Judges Directory

  • Appeals Unit504-589-7716
  • Attorney Admissions504-589-7674
    • Certificates of Good Standing, ECF Registration
  • Case Information:504-589-7674
  • Closed Records:504-589-7674
    • Archived Case Information, Accession Number
  • Court Reporters: Transcripts504-589-7724
  • Criminal Magistrate Desk:504-589-7750
    • Initial Appearance, Arraignments, Bond Information, Central Violations Bureau/Petty Offenses
  • ECF Help Desk Electronic Filing Assistance504-589-7788 or 866-209-7767
  • Financial Unit:504-589-7785
    • Judicial Interest, Fines, Special Assessments
  • Human Resources504-589-3333
  • Intake/filing:504-589-7674
  • Jury Unit:504-589-7730
    • Jury Duty, Questionnaires, Summonses
  • Naturalization504-589-3320
  • Pro Se Unit:504-589-7751
    • Filing without an Attorney
  • All other inquires:504-589-7650