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News & Announcements: 2001-02

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February 21, 2001
NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS TO UNIFORM LOCAL RULES Pursuant to Rule 83 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Public Notice is hereby given of proposed amendments to the Uniform Local Rules of the United States District Courts for the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Louisiana. The proposed amendments are listed below. LCrR12.E and LCrR32.1.2E are newly proposed rules. LR47.5E is amended by the deletion of the lined portions and the addition of the underlined portions.   LCrR12.E    Pretrial Motions Pretrial motions relative to discovery shall be filed within the time set by the magistrate judge, and shall be noticed for hearing on the motion day following the expiration of 15 days. The government shall file its response no later than eight calendar days before the scheduled hearing date. These discovery motions shall be accompanied by a certificate of counsel for the moving party stating that counsel have conferred in person or by telephone for the purpose of amicably resolving the issues and stating why they are unable to agree or stating that opposing counsel has refused to so confer after reasonable notice. Counsel for the moving party shall arrange the conference.   LCrR32.1.2E    Submission of Other Motions or Documents Connected with Sentencing All submissions, other than those referred to in LCrR32.1.1E, must be filed no later than five working days before sentencing and all responses must be filed no later than three working days before sentencing.   LR47.5E    Interviewing Jurors A. No juror has any obligation to speak to any person about any case and may refuse all interviews or comments; B. No person may make repeated requests for interviews or questions after a juror has expressed a desire not to be interviewed; C. Under no circumstances except by leave of court granted upon good cause shown shall any attorney or party to an action or other person anyone acting on their behalf examine or interview any juror. No juror who may consent to be interviewed shall disclose any information with respect to the following: 1. The specific vote of any juror other than the juror being interviewed; 2. The deliberation of the jury; or 3. For the purposes of obtaining evidence of improprieties in the jury's deliberations. Comments may be made in writing addressed to the Clerk of Court before March 23, 2001. You may access this notice and the court's notice of amendments to Local Rule 26 at the court's web site (     February 21, 2001 Loretta G. Whyte, Clerk    
February 12, 2001
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