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Ordering Transcripts

To place a transcript order you must contact the individual court reporter directly to make financial arrangements.

If you do not know the name of the court reporter, please use PACER to obtain that information from the corresponding docket entry.

For assistance locating the name of a reporter or if this information cannot be found through PACER, please contact the court reporter supervisor at (504) 589-7724.  It is the attorney’s responsibility, however, to follow through and contact the assigned reporter directly to place the order for a transcript.

After speaking with the individual court reporter(s), it is the responsibility of the attorney to complete the proper transcript order form and to file that with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals (appeal transcript orders) and the U.S. District Court (non-appeal transcript orders).

To order a non-appeal transcript, please complete the transcript order form (AO 435).

To order an appeal transcript, please complete the appeal transcript order form (DKT-13).

Forms required by the Court of Appeals for ordering transcript on appeal must be directed and addressed to the individual reporter assigned to that proceeding.


Ordering Realtime for Proceedings

To request a realtime feed for any proceeding, you must contact the court reporter supervisor, (504) 589-7724.

One week before trial the parties shall provide the court reporter with a complete list of proper names and unusual or technical terms that will be spoken during trial. If there are expert witnesses, please provide copies of their CVs and expert report. The more information the court reporter has in advance of trial, the better your realtime feed will be.


Transcript Payments

Transcript preparation will not begin until financial arrangements have been satisfied with the court reporter or electronic court recorder.

For an estimate of the cost for a transcript of a desired proceeding, contact the court reporter or electronic court recorder.



Transcript Order Form (AO 435)

APPEAL Transcript Order Form

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