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Realtime Reporting

What is realtime reporting? Realtime reporting is defined as the stenographic process of taking the spoken word and converting it to written text as testimony is taking place. Additionally, to many users it is also defined as transmitting the stenographic written transcript in a communications feed to those who will use it, via TV screens in the courtroom, or on the attorney’s or judge’s notebook, PDAs, smartphones, etc.


Realtime - A technological enhancement to the machine stenotype reporting method that allows a stenotype to produce an unedited transcript of the court proceedings almost instantaneously (i.e., in “realtime”) for review by court participants and interested parties in the courtroom. As the reporter’s shorthand notes are keyed into the stenotype machine, they are translated into their English text equivalent by computer software stored in the reporter’s computer, and the translated (but unedited and uncertified) text is then transmitted via telecommunications lines and displayed on monitors or stored on computers within the courtroom at various locations (e.g., at the judge’s bench and counsel tables). With some additional computer software, many realtime systems will allow court participants, such as the judge and participating counsel, to mark, annotate, and search the realtime transcript during and after the court proceedings.

Realtime Unedited Transcript - “A draft transcript produced by a Certified Realtime Reporter as a byproduct of realtime to be delivered electronically during the proceedings or immediately following adjournment.”

If you wish to order realtime for an upcoming trial, arrangements must be made with the court reporter supervisor, (504) 589-7724, two weeks prior to the trial date.

How to Get the Most Out of Realtime

  • Speak slowly, loud and clear
  • Speak one at a time – no cross-talking
  • Spell out unusual names
  • If you don't understand something the witness said, most often no one else did either - including the reporter
  • Clarify letters in acronyms - state what the letters stand for
  • State numbers slowly and clearly

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