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Fourth Amendment to Hurricane Ida Case Management Order No. 1

Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Court has issued a Fourth Amendment to its Hurricane Ida Case Management Order No. 1. The order amends the CMO as follows: 
1.    The deadline to conduct the Informal Settlement Conference is extended to 60 days from the disclosure deadline (previous deadline was 30 days); 

2.    The deadline for the Administrator to schedule mediation is extended to 150 days from the filing of the last responsive pleadings or, if falling on a later date, 60 days from denial of a motion to remand (previous deadlines were 75 and 30 days);

3. The cancellation fee for mediations cancelled within 14 days is removed where the reason for cancellation is settlement of the case.  

All other provisions of the CMO remain in effect.
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