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1983 Civil Rights Complaint


Filing a complaint under the Civil Rights Act, 42 U.S.C. § 1983.

If you are filing, or plan to file, a complaint in this court, please be advised that:

The law requires that you pay the cost of filing a complaint, which is $400.00. If you cannot pay this amount in its entirety, you may ask the court to allow you to proceed as a pauper. However, even if you are allowed bring a civil action as a pauper, you are still required to pay the full amount of the filing fee. The court will assess and, when funds exist, collect, as partial payment of any court fees, an initial partial filing fee of 20 percent of the greater of 1) the average monthly deposits to your account or 2) the average monthly balance in your account for the 6-month period immediately preceding the filing of the complaint. After payment of the initial filing fee, you are required to make monthly payments of 20 percent of the preceding month's income credited to your account. The agency having custody of you shall withhold and forward payments from your account to the clerk of the court until the filing fee is paid in full.

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