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Complaint for a Civil Case

When using this form, please make sure you have completed the following prior to submitting it to the Court:

•    List all named defendants in both (1) the case caption at the top of the form and (2) the body of the form (Section I, B).
•    Provide your contact information including full name, mailing address, email address and current telephone number.
•    Complete all sections of the complaint to the best of your abilities.
•    Sign the document with a “wet” (handwritten) signature and date. (Typed and/or electronically signed documents are not permitted.) 
•    Complete a “Civil Cover Sheet” found in the Civil Pleading Forms section and submit with your Complaint.
•    Complete a Summons for each named defendant in the matter and submit them along with your Complaint.  Summons forms can be found in the Civil Pleading Forms section. 

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