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Social Security Complaint


Local Rule 9.2 Social Security Cases

Complaints filed in civil cases pursuant to Section 205(g) of the Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C.
405(g), for benefits under Titles II, XVI and XVIII of the Social Security Act must include, in
addition to what is required under FRCP 8(a), a separate attachment, that will not be filed in the
record but must be served with the complaint on the United States Attorney’s Office, and must

  1. In cases involving claims for retirement, disability, health insurance and black lung benefits, the full social security number of the worker on whose wage record the application for benefits was filed (whether or not the worker is the plaintiff).
  2. In cases involving claims for supplemental security income benefits, the full social security number of the plaintiff.
  3. In cases involving benefits sought for a minor child under Titles II and XVI, the minor child’s full social security number.
  4. In all cases under this local rule, filings must comport with the privacy protections of FRCP 5.2. [Adopted March 1, 2022

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