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Notice of Submission

Local Civil Rule 7.2 states:

Counsel filing a motion must, at the time of filing, notice it for submission within a reasonable time.  Unless otherwise ordered by the court, motions must be filed not later than the fifteenth day preceding the date assigned for submission and actual notice of the submission date must be given to opposing counsel at least fifteen days before the submission date, regardless of which FRCP 5(b) service method is used.  The motion and supporting memorandum must also be served with the notice.

The noticed date is the date the motion is deemed submitted to the court for decision and after which no further briefing will be allowed, expect with prior leave of court.  No oral argument, in-court presentation or live hearing concerning contested motions will be conducted on the submission date, expect when requested in accordance with Local Rule 78.1 or if ordered by the court.

If an opposing party has not consented to the relief requested in a motion to be filed, a Notice of Submission must be filed that sets a date for submission of the motion to the Judge who will decide it. 

Submission dates can be found on the Court’s website under “Motion Days.”

When using this form, please make sure you have completed the following prior to submitting it to the Court:

•    The case caption includes the case number and case section.
•    Include the next available submission date for the Judge who will be deciding the motion, which can be found on the Court’s website.
•    Sign the document with a “wet” (handwritten) signature and date. (Typed and/or electronically signed documents are not permitted.) 

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